Do You Have a 30-Second Commercial?

by Paul McDonnold


Jeffrey Gitomerís The Sales Bible is a great business tool, no matter what your job description. On some level, we are all salespeople, and the better you get at communicating your firmís value, the higher you can take your career. One section of Gitomerís book deals with creating your 30 second commercial, and he is not talking about a seven-figure Super Bowl ad! He means a free, multi-part pitch about your firm that you create and carry around in your head wherever you go, using it with prospects you meet. There are six parts to the commercial:

The first three parts are pretty self explanatory. The fourth part Ė power questions Ė is meant to elicit the targetís business situation and determine if he or she is a prospect. Examples might include how are you currently managing wealth? Or, how do you usually decide when you need to bring in an economic consultancy?

Now, if the targetís answers indicate that you have a prospect on your hands, follow up with your power statement. This explains in brief how you and your firm could help the prospect. Finally, you give the prospect a reason to act. Maybe you happen to be free for lunch tomorrow, or perhaps your firm is giving a presentation this Friday. Whatever opening is available, use it as a way to prevent the ball from being dropped on taking the relationship to the next level.

The 30-second commercial is a valuable tool, one worth thoughtfully crafting for maximum impact. If youíd like help with this, drop me a line.