The Spoils of Victory

(Magnolia Banner News, May 11, 2017)

As a rural Arkansas school fights for its life due to dwindling enrollment, its basketball team contends for a state title.

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Come looking for me If I'm not back

(Arkansas Life, March 2016)

The story of one of the most perplexing unsolved mysteries in the state.

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Them Dry Bones

(Arkansas Life, September 2014)

In 1972, a man named Joe B. Friday unearthed a cache of curious looking bones in a gravel pit just outside Lockesburg. A little more than 40 years later, they're still the only dinosaur bones ever found in Arkansas--and still continue to pose more questions than they answer.

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A Story of Life

(Arkansas Life, May 2014)

Since 1989, when the UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy was founded, more than 10,000 patients have passed through its doors, each of them with their own story. This is the story of Annie Mae Nix.

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Friday Night Darkness

(Narratively, April 2014)

With debates about the safety of football raging in the U.S., a school in southwest Arkansas lived the issue in an especially urgent way, when the 2012 season had to be forfeited mid-way due to injuries to a dwindling roster of players. Would football survive in Lafayette County, Arkansas?

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Phantom Memories

(Arkansas Life, October 2013)

For several months in post-WWII Texarkana, a series of brutal attacks and murders gripped the quiet south Arkansas community, sending waves of fear and paranoia reverberating through the town, and creating a scar on the town's collective consciousness that's endured to this day. As Hollywood prepares to revisit those old wounds with a 2014 feature film, a look back at how those unshakable events changed the identity of the town.

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