Acclaim for The Economics of Ego Surplus


“We may also see the expansion of a new genre, the economics novel. I have been reading Paul McDonnold’s The Economics of Ego Surplus, subtitled A Novel of Economic Terrorism, which is entertaining...For those readers who already think most economics is fiction, perhaps this is the way to go.”

-David Smith, The Sunday Times (UK)


“...smoothly blends in some economics/finance with a Dan Brown-style conspiracy. Put another way – it reads like the bestseller I picked up at the airport a couple of weeks ago before getting on a plane with the added benefit of dealing with a field I find interesting. Put yet another way, it reads like books by Paul Erdman, who I used to read for fun back in college and grad school. For those of us who like our economics/finance, and enjoy the occasional thriller it’s nice to see another example of the two combined.”

-Mike Kimel, author of Presimetrics


”...well-written and fast paced…does a good job at integrating economic ideas into the story.”

-David Zetland, PhD, Aquanomics


“...really takes off when the plot (that is the terrorist plot) is revealed...If you want to understand how economists talk to each other, this is a great book.”

-Harrison Brookie, The Bottlenecked Blog


The Economics of Ego Surplus makes riveting reading.”

-Professor Ray Titus, Alliance University (India) School of Business, Buyer Behavior


"'s my personal opinion that every high school student should read this to get a firm grasp on what economics actually is."

-Amanda Stephan, author of The Price of Trust


"...a fantastic action thriller for the thinker who would like to take a look at what economic terrorism could do to the global economy."

-Tracey Allen, My Four Bucks


"If you love a good thriller, then this is a book for you. You don't have to have a background in economics in order to enjoy the story."

- Paper Reader


“I was intrigued to see how McDonnold would teach while still making the book entertaining. I must say I was impressed...once I got into it I really couldn't put it down.”

- Lucybird's Book Blog


"...the plot, the suspense, the climax and the narrative are full of excitement and adventure with no dull moment."

- Vibha Sharma, Literary Sojourn


"I really enjoyed how [the novel] managed, for the greater part, to make the economic explanations flow into the narrative. In many cases, I wasn't even aware I was being 'taught' until I was into the explanation."

- Tim Schilling, MV=PQ


"If you like suspense thrillers like David Baldacci, then you'll get a kick out of this book."

- Fuzzy.Coffee.Books


"The Economics of Ego Surplus is not a typical title for a work of it came as a pleasant surprise to find myself engrossed from page 1. This is an enjoyable, well-written and often exciting read."

- Izzy Reads


"The economics theories were basically embedded in the storyline. I didn't even notice I was learning something new in the economics world. And that I really enjoyed."

- Basma Aal, In Between the Lines


"A mix of political intrigue, detective story and economic lesson, this book is eclectic, to say the least. It is an intriguing read that bends genres and rules."

- Valentina, Carabosse's Library


"There's a little something for everyone: a fast-paced investigation, a bit of romance, some heated academic debates, travel to an exotic place. Oh, and a madman and an intricate look into the inner workings of the world economy."

- Aloi, Guiltless Reading


"...this novel is a page turner, while at the same time explaining...basic economic concepts."

- Diane Coyle, PhD, The Enlightened Economist


"I really liked and definitely recommend 'The Economics of Ego Surplus' if you enjoy reading suspenseful stories that are interesting and make you think."

-Melanie, Christian Bookshelf Reviews


"A very well written and thought out novel that could come right from today's headlines."

-CelticLady's Reviews


"The book is a comment on the possible downside of the global economy, when countries tramp around in each other's backyards and leave their footprints there..."

-Harvee, Book Dilettante


"...puts a unique spin on the thriller novel by pitting Kyle Linwood, a professor of economics, against participants in a global economics terrorist plot."

-Adela, The Book Notebook


"Through Linwood, McDonnold shows us how economics is not some scholarly, unreachable subject, but something that every single person has dealings with in their everyday activities."

-Risa, Breadcrumb Reads


"I avoided economics like the plague in college...After reading McDonnold's work, however, I have a newfound level of appreciation for the subject, taking a different view on what economics has to do with my life and how I interact as a consumer with the goods and services around me. McDonnold did a great job of explaining these theories without putting me to sleep."

-Todd Ryder, Reflections of a Book Addict


"What I like best about this book is that it used simple language, which allowed the two tracts of thought happening in the book (lessons on economy and a terrorist thriller) to be told more easily...reminded me of the TV show "Num3ers"

-Soap Box in My Mind