How a Homework Assignment Turned Into a Novel
DALLAS, TX – November 10, 2010 – People are fascinated by the economy – just look at the stories that fill the typical
news cycle. Unfortunately the subject’s complexity creates a sizable gap between fascination and understanding. A new
novel published by the Starving Analyst Press, The Economics of Ego Surplus, aims to entertain readers while bridging this
The author, Paul McDonnold, is a former college economics instructor who now earns his living as a freelance writer. Well
published in nonfiction markets and the coauthor of a traditional economics textbook, his passion for the novel comes
through when he speaks of its genesis. “It’s never easy to get students interested in economics. Several years ago I gave my
class a homework assignment in the form of a fictional story. A terrorist attack was being planned against the U.S. economy,
and the assignment required figuring out the plot and using economic policy to foil it. The reaction I got from the students
was so positive I decided to take the concept further. That’s when work on the novel began.”
He goes on to say that the novel is not intended to be a systematic treatment of economics, but does incorporate a simplified
overview of a number of the topics one would see in a typical economics-101-type course. “I decided early on that this would
be a novel first. I wanted to write something that anyone would enjoy reading, not just economics students. So I let the action
of the story drive everything, including any economic concepts that were explained.”
Described as “part action novel, part literary novel, part guidebook to economics,” The Economics of Ego Surplus is an easy
read that combines a gripping narrative with education and ends with a moral point. The first 10 pages can be
downloaded free.
The author can be contacted at or 972-897-7056.